Coastal Cottage

From a distinctive setting to carefully chosen pieces, our homes say a lot about who we are. The Welcome Home series is our chance to ask inspiring people how they created a space they love.

For Michaela Rechtschaffner, founder of cult knitwear line Pearle Knits, being a maker runs in the family. Her mother, Renee, is an artist and sustainable clothing designer, while her grandmother, Patricia, is a painter who sews, dabbles in sculpture, and builds furniture. “She’s one of those people who can just make anything.”

Both Rechtschaffner’s artistic eye and her love for her family permeate her home on Bowen Island, near Vancouver. The eclectic space is bursting with texture and comfort—a space where four generations feel equally at home.

Where do you find inspiration in your daily life?

My daughter, Root, who’s four, says the weirdest things and I just find her brain so fascinating! Living on an island, being immersed in nature, is also very giving for the soul. 

What’s the most meaningful piece in your home?

My grandma gave me a quilt her grandmother handmade in the late 1800s. My daughter will inherit the quilt from me. 

What do you love about your Sundays pieces? 

Our couch is a contemporary and stylish take on a big ol’ comfy couch. And its performance fabric suits having two young (and very messy) children!

What has running your own brand taught you?

Working slower and with more care is ultimately what people want. Craftsmanship is important and valuable.

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