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From a distinctive setting to carefully chosen pieces, our homes say a lot about who we are. The Welcome Home series is our chance to ask inspiring people how they created a space they love.

Jobs in tech originally brought Michael Traverse, an HR business partner, and Darren Folk, a creative director, to NYC five years ago. But it’s the city’s energy that keeps them here. “The constant change keeps us inspired, even on the hundredth walk down a familiar street,” says Michael.

Their Chelsea apartment is as New York as it gets (exposed brick! Spiral iron staircase!). They switch in new art and accents whenever the mood strikes, relying on timeless furniture to provide a sense of cohesion.

What’s your favourite thing about your home?

It has that quintessential New York City vibe. Hasn’t everyone dreamed of exposed brick and a spiral staircase?

What’s your favourite time of day there?

Golden hour. Sunlight pours through the front windows, bathing our furniture in warm lines and shapes. That's our cue to ditch the laptops, grab a crispy Diet Coke, and steal 15 uninterrupted minutes for social media scrolling in the sun.

What do you do to relax?

Declutter and destress is our mantra. After a quick clean, we light a candle, pour some wine, turn on some Ariana Grande, and set the mood lighting. Ahhhhhh.

Where do you find inspiration in your daily life?

They call it the city that never sleeps. We’ll stumble upon hidden gems—new restaurants, vibrant art galleries, and fascinating faces—around every corner.

What’s your favourite piece of furniture?

The Easy Edge bar cabinet. It’s got the power of a reveal—so unassuming until it unfolds like a treasure chest. And it’s always fully-stocked, of course.

What do you love about your Sundays pieces?

Everything feels so well curated, yet adaptable to any space. Perfect for our ever-evolving home.

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